Finding Your Wedding Dress

For many brides to be, few things are important as getting the right wedding dress for their big day. There is just something about having that dress that looks absolutely amazing on you and helps to ensure you are the center of attention for your wedding. Unfortunately, many people don’t fully grasp this concept, which can make shopping for wedding dresses more difficult than it has to be. Here at Crystal Bridal Boutique we specialize in helping brides find that perfect dress, as well as providing many other dress options to make your big day look great.

One of the best things about our shop is that it is owned and operated by people who are passionate about weddings. We know how exciting it can be to be picking out your own wedding dress, or even helping a friend or loved one to select the right dress for their big day. When you come to our shop, you’ll be working with sales professionals who want to help you to find that perfect dress. Whether that means you try on the first one and fall in love, or you are trying on dozens of wedding dresses here in Brooklyn, we are always here to support you and ensure you are happy with your choices.

Many Great Designers

Some ladies have a specific designer in mind that they want to choose from. Others aren’t sure about the designers but have some idea of the general style they want. Whatever the case for you, we can help you to find the right wedding dress. We carry a variety of dresses from Pronovias, MoriLee, Madison James, Oksana-Mukha, Christina Wu, Adrianna Pappel and many others. Just let us know the designers you like, or the style you had in mind and we can bring you a steady supply of incredible dresses.

Of course, if you have any special requests, just let us know. Even if we don’t have a particular dress in stock we can order it for you quite easily. This is a great option if you had seen a dress you loved in a magazine or other area and you want to try it on for yourself. No matter what it is that you need, while you’re shopping for wedding dresses with us, all you have to do is ask. We’ll do our best to ensure you get everything.

Contact Us

Whether you’re just starting to think about wedding dresses, or you are ready to buy today, please give us a call or stop in our boutique to see our sales professionals.

We can be reached at 347-462-4941 where you can ask any questions you might have or set up an appointment.

Or, just stop in any time. Our address is 2299 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to look through our wedding dresses until you find the one that you absolutely fall in love with.