Professional Wedding Dress Alteration

Whether you are shopping for a brand new wedding dress, or you are going to use one that is being handed down to you from a relative, you will almost certainly need to have some type of alterations made. Since it is almost impossible to have an identical body type to anyone else, the chances that you can wear a dress ‘off the rack’ is very low. Even if it is ‘close enough’ for a normal dress, you don’t want anything other than perfection for your wedding.

Here at Crystal Bridal Boutique we have highly skilled and experienced seamstresses on staff to handle any type of alteration that you may need done. We can let dresses out or take them in, we can adjust their length and much more. With our skilled professionals, just about everything on any wedding dress can be altered to fit your needs. When the dress is completed, it will not only look great but it will feel wonderful as well. This is very important since you’ll be wearing the dress for a long period of time on your big day.

Wedding Dress Alteration for Our Dresses

In most cases we offer basic wedding dress alteration for dresses that you buy in our shop with no charge at all. This helps to ensure your dress fits properly when you buy it from us.

If you need something other than the basic alterations, there may be a small fee depending on the dress and the complexity of what you need. In most cases, however, the alterations come included with the price of the dress. If you are bringing in a dress that you bought from somewhere else, or one that has been in your family for a while, we provide high quality alterations at a very affordable price. We will look at exactly what you need done, and give you a custom quote to get it done. We can often rush alterations as well in the event that you find your dress isn’t fitting the way you want with just a few days before the ceremony. Weddings are our passion so we will always do everything we possibly can to help ensure yours goes smoothly.

Other Dress Alterations

In addition to performing alterations on wedding dresses, we can also do this for other dresses. Things like mother of the bride dresses, bride’s maid dresses, flower girl dresses and many others. Just bring them in to our shop and let us know what you need. We’ll work hard to ensure all the dresses look stunning for your wedding.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or you would like to talk with one of our professionals please don’t hesitate to call us at 347-462-4941.

We serve the people of Brooklyn, Gravesend and the surrounding area with high quality alterations for wedding dresses and other dresses too. We can be found at 2299 Coney island ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223.

We look forward to seeing you soon and helping to ensure your dress fits and feels perfect for your big day.