Wedding Accessories: The Little Things

After deciding on your wedding’s date and venue, and after having found the perfect wedding gown at Brooklyn’s Crystal Bridal Boutique, it’s time to focus on your wedding’s accessories – “the little things” that can absolutely set the tone for your wedding. The right accessories can add color, fragrance, beauty, warmth, and even sound to your special day, setting a scene that evokes the bridal party’s unique personalities and creates the mood you desire for your guests. If you think of your wedding as a nice plate of perfectly prepared, al dente pasta, you can think of your wedding’s accessories as the spices and herbs that give it all flavor. Whether your style is the elegantly traditional or more earthy, whether it’s girlishly romantic or quirky or flamboyant, how you choose your accessories can bring everything together.


Your wedding invitation will be the wedding item that most of your guests will see first, and first impressions matter. As long as you relate the necessary information – the whens, wheres, and how to R.S.V.P. – your wedding invitations can be whatever you want them to be. Choices range from buying pre-made invitations, hiring an artist or asking a talented friend to makes invitations per your design, or doing it all yourself. From the wording of your invitations, to their very shape, they can indirectly let your guests know what sort of wedding they’re in for. Invitations can be made to look like restaurant menus for a foodie couple, or airline tickets for couples who love to travel. They can be made to be character information and clues for a wedding that includes a murder mystery game. Invitations can be three-dimensional as well, put into bottles, or inside beautifully decorated keepsake boxes. Your imagination – and budget – are the only limits!

Guest Books

If you’re like most brides, you’ll want a record of who came to share with you your big day. You can choose from a wide variety of traditional guest books that we have at our boutique, or you can do some work and come up with something different. Some brides have “wishing trees” in place of guest books. Guests write their names on pieces of paper and then add wishes or advice for the couple, which they hang on a collection of branches that make up the “wishing tree.” Instead of trees, such wishes or advice can be hanged onto mobiles, glued into scrapbooks, pinned onto clotheslines, or placed in mailboxes, bird cages, or other containers you decorate yourself. Instead of scraps of paper, cards, postcards, lengths of ribbon, etc., can be used. Or you can have your guests write directly onto various objects or pictures that you can keep forever.


Traditionally seen as the guests’ wishes that the couple have a fertile and prosperous marriage, the ritual of throwing of rice at weddings has changed a lot over the years. Though it’s an urban legend that throwing rice is dangerous to our bird friends, some venues disallow it because of the difficulty involved in cleaning it all up. In any case, many brides choose to have their guests toss rose or other flower petals, lavender, bird food, confetti, or glitter instead of rice, and other brides choose something altogether different, such as the releasing of balloons, butterflies, or Chinese lanterns. The throwing of nerf balls or beach balls, or the sailing of paper airplanes – especially good for a pilot’s wedding – are other ideas to consider, all depending on your identity as a couple and the sort of “feel” you’re wanting your wedding to have.

Champagne Glasses and Knives

The traditional wedding toast with champagne, sparkling wine, or sparkling cider is a must, and some brides put a lot of thought into the glasses they’ll be using for the occasion. Beautiful champagne flutes can be used “as is,” or they can be decorated and made very unique and expressive of who you are as a couple. Beading, paint, decoupage, glass etching – the possible techniques you can use on champagne flutes are endless, and the same goes with the knife you choose for the official “cutting of the cake” ritual. Just be sure that anything used to decorate items that come into contact with food is safe.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a way of thanking your guests for coming, and to give them something to remember the day. These items can be purchased or homemade, and, as with all wedding accessories, can reflect your unique personality and the style of your wedding, or even the season of the year. From picture frames; candles; travel bottles; key chains; plants; gourmet coffee or teas; bags of nuts or candies (consider using beautiful containers your guests can re-use to hold them); jars of jams or honey; homemade liqueurs, wine, beer, or mead; soaps; fireworks; software; a favorite movie you want to share; donations to charities made in your guests’ names; self- published books of recipes; gift cards for everything from books to donuts – the sky really is the limit when it comes to favors.

Let Us Help You Accessorize Your Wedding

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