The Most Beautiful and Elegant Styles

More and more brides are buying their wedding dresses on consignment. Whether they’re being more cost-conscious or have other personal reasons for partaking in this process, it doesn’t mean that hey can’t have a beautiful and elegant dress that looks it was made for them. Crystal Bridal Boutique features a full and diverse inventory of wedding dresses on consignment in Brooklyn. Offering a wide array of styles, an unmatched commitment to customer service and expert alteration, we are determined to help our economical brides pick out the perfect dress for their big day.

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From Consignment to Customized

There’s long been an unjustified stigma attached to consignment dresses that they inherently lack personalization and character. The experienced and qualified tailors at Crystal Bridal Boutique is here to shatter that stigma with our expert and personalized alterations. Our tailors have decades of experience and we are determined to tailor your dress to your exact specifications, no matter whom it might have belonged to first. Start the process by browsing our enormous selection of consignment. Once you’ve made your choice, we will be happy to go over the alteration requirements and give you the perfect dress of which you’ve always dreamed.

Interested in Selling Your Dress?

There is a growing market for pre-owned wedding dresses. Whether you no longer have room for your wedding dress, you’re no longer married or you suddenly find yourself in need of a little extra money, Crystal Bridal Boutique will pay top dollar for your pre- owned wedding dress. We offer some of the fairest rates in the area and would love the opportunity to help you give your beloved wedding gown a second home. Help a cost- conscious bride get the wedding dress of her dreams while making more room in your bedroom closet and putting some extra cash in your pocket.

More Than Just Dresses

Once you’ve chosen your perfect dress, whether it’s new or on consignment, Crystal Bridal Boutique will be delighted to help you drive your wedding home with the perfect accessories. Whether you need elegant and unique centerpieces, the perfect guestbook, wedding favors or anything else, we’re here to help.

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