Mother of the bride

Know Your Daughter’s Wedding Style

Every bride has a vision of what she wants her wedding to look like and feel like. Asking her how she envisions her big day is one of the first things you should do in deciding what to wear. Will her wedding be formal or informal? Traditional or quirky? Ask her! And if she has a wedding scrapbook or a Pinterest page filled with all of her wedding ideas, go take a look!

Know Your Daughter’s Wedding Colors

Though there’s no rule about the mother of the bride needing to exactly match what the bridesmaids are wearing, you’ll not want to clash with the rest of the wedding party, and wedding pictures will look best if the main players of the wedding are wearing colors that mix well together. It might be the case that your daughter has a vision of exactly what color she’d like you to wear. If so, ask her! But if she hasn’t specified an exact color, selecting a hue that blends well with her wedding color palette, either monochromatically or through the use of complementary colors will look great.

Traditionally, black and white have been seen as off-limits, with black being perceived as a color of mourning, and white seen as being a color for the bride alone. While many people are still very protective about the color white (including off-whites, ivories, champagne, etc.), black is now acceptable to wear and can be a great option in terms of being able to wear the dress again.

Finding the Right Style

The fun part comes after you’ve determined the basics in terms of your daughter’s wedding style and colors. Now you get to shop for a dress that reflects your personality and spirit, your own sense of fashion. There’s no need to look matronly unless you want to look matronly, but you should be mindful of your daughter’s feelings if you’re thinking of wearing something on the “sexy side.” But there’s a lot of room between “matronly” and “sexy,” and our boutique offers many different styles for the bride’s mother.

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