Dressing Your Besties

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, images of orange chiffon dresses, each made with yards of material – dresses that will never be worn again and that the bridesmaids didn’t want to wear the first time – too easily come to mind. We’ve all seen evidence of the horror – those 1970s-era pictures of put-upon women looking like miserable, identical cream puffs, drowning in ruffles. But those days are gone. Bridesmaid dresses have come a long way, and attitudes about what can be worn by the women who’ll stand beside you at the altar have, blessedly, loosened up. Now, many brides put almost as much thought into their bridesmaids’ dresses as they do their own, and a compassionate, considerate bride will think about what will truly make her friends shine, considering each of their body types and complexions, and giving thought to their individuality.

New Trends

The most basic concept that has freed up bridal parties everywhere is the idea that bridesmaid dresses don’t have to be identical to each other. You’ll undoubtedly want everyone to not only look good as individuals, but to look good together, and there are ways to make this happen without forcing your best friends into a single mold.

One option is to pick a color or a fabric and then allow your bridesmaids to use your chosen swatch to buy or design a dress that best fits her body type. You could achieve a monochromatic but varied effect in the same sort of way by choosing a color and then allowing your bridesmaids to buy dresses of different hues of that color. For example, if you choose green, your bridesmaids could end up wearing dresses that cover the green spectrum, from mint to kiwi to sea-green to celery. If that idea frightens you, you could “rein them in” by identifying the intensity, or “saturation,” of the colors you’re wanting to see.

To allow for even more freedom and to have an even more colorful wedding, select a color palette that you love and let your honored friends find dresses that fit it and their body types. Coming up with a color palette can be done easily using online tools that allow you to upload an image and get a palette based on that image in return. If there’s a special painting or colorful room that you love, for example, upload a picture of it!

Wearing those dresses again

If you want your bridesmaids to be extra happy, consider dresses (or even separates!) in neutral colors – and don’t be afraid of the color black! Most every girl needs a “little black dress” (or wants yet another “little black dress”!), and choosing black as the color of your bridesmaid dresses can more easily allow your friends to wear those dresses again instead of wearing them once and throwing them away. If arranging things so that your friends can re-wear those dresses is important to you, choosing shorter dresses or dresses that could easily be hemmed without losing their style is key.

If you still want your bridesmaids to wear identical dresses, they can “punch up” their looks and distinguish themselves through the use of accessories. The wearing of hats or of flowers in their hair, the use of scarves and shawls, sashes, jewelry, shoes – all of these things can be chosen so they’re different for each girl, but still looks great with the colors you’ve chosen for your wedding.

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