If you’re looking for some of the best looking dresses for you wedding, this is the ideal place to start. We have put together a beautiful privet collection of our favorite dresses for you to look at, try on and fall in love with. This Crystal Privet collection has a variety of styles to choose from so you are sure to find something you like. Whether you’re shopping for the wedding gown, dresses for the bridesmaids, flower girl dresses or anything else, we will have something you love.

You can come into our shop anytime to look through this collection. If you have any questions about these dresses, just ask one of our friendly and helpful sales professionals. They are there to do everything possible to help ensure you get the right dresses for your big day. We consider it an honor to be a small part of your important day and will always work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with the entire experience.

One popular trend in dress shopping today is having the bride as well as her bridesmaids and even family members come to our boutique all together to do the shopping. This way everyone can have a great time while completing their dress shopping. Many people find this to be a fun bonding experience, especially when there are people in the party who may not know each other as well as others.

Whether you’re looking to have a dress shopping event, or you’re just coming in to shop for yourself, we recommend looking through the Crystal collection. There are so many great items to look through that you are sure to find something that you love. Once you do find the right dress, whether it is part of this collection or not, we can alter it for you to ensure it fits perfectly. Even if you gain or lose weight before the big event, we can do further alterations to make sure you look absolutely perfect for your big day.

Beyond just the dresses we have a variety of headpieces, jewelry and much more for you to choose from. We can be your one stop shop for all your wedding dress and accessories here in Brooklyn, New York. No matter what it is that you need, we will do our best to get it for you and ensure you are 100% satisfied with the entire experience.

Whether you’re ready to come in and shop with us or you just have some questions for us, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We can be reached at 347-462-4941. Of course, you can also come into our boutique and see one of our sales professionals to assist as well.

Our shop is located at 2299 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223. We’re looking forward to helping you to get everything you need for your wedding. Thanks for considering Crystal Bridal Boutique.

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